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Make use of the compilation of Frequently Asked Questions that visitors to Dubrovnik always want to know.

What is the best time of year to visit Dubrovnik?

The best time to visit Dubrovnik is in May, September and November. Whether you visit early in the tourist season or late in the season you will avoid most of the summer heat and the crowds. Accommodation prices are lower this time of the year too, and the sea is still pleasantly warm.

How many days do you need in Dubrovnik?

Most visitors stay in town between 3 to 5 days which is just enough time to see most of the sites. For people who want to explore a bit more, a week would be perfect and it would allow for a great day trip to the Dubrovnik countryside, or even the neighboring Bosnia and Hercegovina or Montenegro which would add to your holiday significantly.

Is Dubrovnik worth seeing?

Dubrovnik a UNESCO protected heritage site since 1979 and is one of the most beautiful places on Earth, so it’s definitely worth seeing, and then some… Old Town is probably the best preserved medieval town in the world dating back to 7th century, so get over here and you will fall in love with it. Warning: once you see it, you will be compelled to return some day! For the first visit I recommend to go with a guide, preferably on a private tour. This will allow you to get oriented in the town and to appreciate it more. The best tour in town is right here on this site – click here to see what it’s about.

Does Dubrovnik have beaches?

Most beaches in and around town are stone / pebble beaches but not all of them – there are some sandy ones as well. The sea is exceptionally clean and clear all around Croatia, but in Dubrovnik even more so; it’s also very warm and inviting, but I do recommend sea shoes (which are available everywhere around town) to avoid pebble discomfort. Closest beaches to Old Town are Banje beach, Sulic beach and Dance. For more beaches and details on the beaches locations and characteristics head over to my blog and find out more!

Can you walk on the city walls?

City Walls are well-worth the visit, as they will offer the view of the Old Town from above and from every possible angle. It is a must while in Dubrovnik. Be ready for a lot of stairs – around a 1000, and if you climb every tower, then over a 1100. If you want more than just the spectacular view – go with a guide. This will enhance the experience many times over. There are many tours available but the best one is right here on this site – click here and enjoy!

Sunscreen, water, and headgear are more than a good idea during the summer. You can buy water and refreshments on the City Walls but it tends to be expensive so plan ahead.

What is the entrance fee for the Dubrovnik walls?

As of January of 2023 Croatia adopted € as its currency and new prices for City Walls are now in EUR:

The entrance fee for City Walls is 35.00 € as of January 2023 (approximately $38.00 or £31.22). Price for children and young adults under 18 is 15 €. For students with valid Croatia Student Card, International Student Card (ISIC) & European Youth Card price is also 15 €. All the proceeds from the City Walls tickets go towards maintenance and restoration of City monuments.

Can I buy a City Walls ticket online?

Yes you can. I used to advise against it, but as of 2022 they simplified the system and today in 2023 it works great. When you get City Walls ticket online you will get a PDF file which you show at the entrance. They scan the code and you are in.

Do you have to pay to enter the Dubrovnik Old Town?

You don’t have to pay any fees to visit the Old Town. Only the City Walls require tickets, not the Town itself.

How many people live in the Old Town?

According to latest census from 2020 there are about 700 permanent residents living full time in the Old Town.

How do I find a tour of Old Town?

Most of the tours are booked online nowadays, but if you like to deal with a real person when making arrangements, you will find many agencies and bookers in and around Old Town and other “touristy” parts of Dubrovnik. Old fashioned bookers are most notable in the port of the Old Town, trying to get your attention as you stroll trough.

A history tour of the Old Town is available on this site – click here to learn more.

How much does the cable car cost in Dubrovnik?

As of January of 2023 Croatia adopted € as its currency and new prices for cable car in Dubrovnik are:

  1. Adult two-way ticket 26.54€ / 200,00kn

  2. Adult one-way ticket 14.60€ / 110,00kn (you can walk down, its not too difficult or far and the view is stunning);

  3. Children round-trip ticket (4 – 12 years). 6.64€ / 50,00kn.

  4. Children up to 4 years of age go on the Cable Car free of charge. Be aware that, on the site you can pay only in € (Euro) cash or by card. , $, £ are not accepted.

Can you walk down from Dubrovnik Cable Car?

You can walk down from the Cable Car location back to the town using a well maintained gravel path which zigzags down the hill. It’s a ~45 minutes to 1 hour walk that you will enjoy.

How long is the Dubrovnik cable car ride?

Dubrovnik cable car ride is only about 3 minutes long, so use the Cable Car if you are interested in a spectacular view of the Old Town from above. If you want to experience the Cable Car ride as such, this is probably not for you – it’s short and can be crowded.

What is the best wine in Dubrovnik?

Croatia – and the Dubrovnik area in particular – are home to some amazing wines

Top wine production locations around Dubrovnik are Peljesac peninsula and the island of Korcula.

Dingač (Dingach) from Peljesac is regarded by many experts as the best Croatian red, but you will want to try Plavac Mali, which is an ancestor of Californian Zinfandel as well. By no means should you disregard Dubrovnik region white wines and the best one is Pošip (Poship). Head over to my blog and find out what to sample while you are in town.

How do I avoid the crowds in Dubrovnik?

The crowds in Dubrovnik are mostly a result of a cruise ship visit; just imagine 2000 people on board and all of them show up in the Old Town at the same time. Good thing here is the fact that most cruise ships dock in Dubrovnik in the morning hours and leave in early afternoon. Your smartest option is to go to the beach in the morning and visit the town in the afternoon and evening. With a little luck you will never see the crowds. For details and tips about crowds see my blog about this topic. or check out the detailed cruise ship visiting schedule on the Port of Dubrovnik website.

Is Dubrovnik expensive?

I would say no, Dubrovnik is not very expensive. Compared to Italy, Spain, Greece, etc. Dubrovnik is cheaper. Don’t even get me to compare us to Great Britain or Germany and France… It will not stay this way forever so now is the time to visit.

Is Dubrovnik safe at night?

Dubrovnik is one of safest places in the world and there is virtually no crime in the area. Day, night, dawn or dusk – it doesn’t matter – it is always safe and fun in Dubrovnik.

What kind of tours can I find in Dubrovnik?

There are many tours to choose from in Dubrovnik, and the most popular ones are the walking tours of the Old Town or the City Walls and, of course, the Game of Thrones tours. Next would be the many sea kayaking and biking tours which would fall under adventure tourism. Boat tours are also very interesting whether you go on a short 45 minute photo tour around the Old Town, or a full-day trip to Elafiti islands, you will love it. Finally, there are many tour operators which will take you on a small group luxury van exploration of Dubrovnik countryside or even on a day trip to visit Montenegro of Bosnia, both of which are very close to Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik directions will show you how :).

Did Dubrovnik get bombed?

During the Croatian Homeland War (1991 – 1995) Dubrovnik was under siege for about 7 months in 1991 and 1992. Dubrovnik suffered continual bombardment throughout this period with many civilian casualties. All the monuments you will see and love in Dubrovnik were damaged to some extent and required serious restoration after the war. However the town never fell in enemy hands and became one of the symbols of the Croatian struggle for freedom, democracy and independence. For more details see “Dubrovnik siege” on Wikipedia or go on the Old Town History tour.

Who bombed Dubrovnik in 1991?

Dubrovnik was attacked and bombed by the Yugoslav army together with Serbian and Montenegrin paramilitary forces. City stayed under siege with no water, electricity or communication with outside world for about 7 months.

Which town is better, Dubrovnik or Split?

Neither is better, they’re just different. Both towns have amazing history and fascinating historical monuments; Split from the Roman period and Dubrovnik from the medieval times. Dubrovnik is about culture, fascinating cliffs, architecture and just sheer gorgeousness. Split is larger than Dubrovnik and provides for nicer, sandier beaches and a much better night-life. It has an absolutely quirky vibe! That is not to say that Split does not have culture or architecture, or that Dubrovnik has no nightlife and beaches – it’s just that they do some things better than their counterpart. Choose based on your preference, or even better, visit both towns and make your own conclusion.

What is the distance between Split and Dubrovnik?

The distance between Split and Dubrovnik is about 200 km, or 120 miles. Only half of this distance is covered with a modern highway so it will take you about 2-3 hours to cover it. You will also find that you can take a ferry or fly between two cities. If you cant find your way in Dubrovnik directions will be easy to get. You will find that almost everyone speaks English.

Are there sharks in Croatia?

I’m afraid that we do not have any sharks in Croatia; except for a miniature version of a shark, that is. They are non aggressive and the size of your dinner plate. Seriously, ask about it in a restaurant, they may have it…

Can I use Euros in Croatia?

As of January 1st 2023 Croatia officially adopted Euro € as it’s currency and joined Eurozone. During the transitional period in 2023, prices in Croatia will be listed in both Euro (€) and Croatian Kuna (HRK). However, only payments in Euro will be accepted.

Is the Game of Thrones tour in Dubrovnik worth it?

Game of Thrones tour is definitely worth it, even if you did not watch the show, since you will visit locations you otherwise wouldn’t, hear about the show, see the filming locations of various scenes and compare them to screen shoots from Game of Thrones, and hear a lot of stories from behind the scenes. Don’t forget about the photo on the Throne! And Dubrovnik Directions knows about the best Game of Thrones tour in Dubrovnik, click here.

Do It Yourself Game of Thrones Dubrovnik?

Do It Yourself Game of Thrones is doable, but difficult. Using the internet and Dubrovnik directions plus a lot of research you can find most of the locations, but you would be missing a lot without knowing them. Even a not-so-good GoT tour is better than doing it yourself.

Which Game of Thrones scenes were filmed in Dubrovnik?

There are many scenes from Game of Thrones that were filmed in Dubrovnik but the most famous ones are “Walk of Shame”, “Purple Wedding” (King Joffrey’s death scene), “Riot in Kings Landing”, “Jon Snow’s farewell” (one of the last scenes in GoT), “King Joffrey’s name day tourney”, and many more.

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