Private walking Tours

Old Town Secrets

Dubrovnik Old Town is filled with hidden secrets, strange stories and fates. I'll take you through the streets filled with history, revealing the evolution of the Dubrovnik Republic and the rich culture of Croatia. My goal is to make this tour both educational and fun, so you can leave with a deeper appreciation for this Adriatic gem.

Get ready to be wowed by the ancient architecture and be intrigued by the city’s fascinating past, filled with tales of bribery, espionage, and more. With my passion for Dubrovnik’s history I’ll bring the city’s stories to life in a way that will leave you spellbound. Don’t miss out on a truly remarkable experience. Book your own Old Town Secrets Tour and discover the stunning beauty and resilience of Dubrovnik throughout the centuries of fierce independence

  • conducted in Old Town Dubrovnik

  • 90 minutes long

  • wheelchair accessible

  • light walk

  • 100 € per group with up to 10 individuals

  • no additional fees

City Walls Legends and Facts

On the City Walls Legends and Facts Tour, you’ll have the chance to explore the iconic fortifications that have protected the city for centuries. We will walk through the history and evolution of the walls, highlighting key moments and events that have shaped the city’s past as well as legends and local stories that surround it.

City Walls offer breathtaking views of Old Town and the Adriatic Sea with cliffs and forts on display - you'll observe the Old Town from every possible angle, so be sure to bring your camera along.

Whether you’re a history buff, a photography enthusiast, or simply looking for a unique way to experience Dubrovnik, this tour is a must-do and will leave you with a deeper appreciation for this ancient city and its rich heritage.

  • conducted on Dubrovnik City Walls

  • 120 minutes long

  • not wheelchair accessible

  • intermediate walk with plenty of stairs

  • 130 € per group with up to 10 individuals

  • additional entrance fee of 35 € per person for Dubrovnik City Walls charged by the City

Game of Thrones Legacy

Set forth on a journey through the world of Game of Thrones and I will bring Kings Landing to life with on screen stories as well as behind the scenes events.We will visit the filming locations of most iconic scenes filmed in Dubrovnik and at each stop, I'll show you screenshots filmed at the site to enhance your experience.

Learn about the behind-the-scenes details of the filming process, the relationship between HBO and Dubrovnik, and more. With ample photo opportunities and a relaxed pace, you’ll have the time to capture the images and create lasting memories.

The tour culminates with the opportunity to sit on the Iron Throne and rule Westeros, taking home the perfect photo to remember your experience.

  • conducted in area immediately next to and in Old Town Dubrovnik itself

  • 90 minutes long

  • wheelchair accessible - yes mostly, or we can work around it in some areas

  • light walk

  • € 110 per group with up to 10 individuals
  • no additional fees


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